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Meet Natalie T. McNamara!

Meet Natalie!

This week, we would like to highlight one of our GLO Alliance members, Natalie Toalson McNamara! Natalie is the Director/Founder of CreativeMktGroup, where she serves clients with all brand and marketing strategy projects from the point of identifying needs and goals to working with her comprehensive team to deliver creative and impactful solutions.

GLO Alliance IP Certification is beneficial to CreativeMktGroup because their clients rely on their knowledge and recommendations to evolve their brands and businesses. Their clients often don't have the answers and expect CreativeMktGroup to either know the answers or know the appropriate resource. GLO Alliance IP Aware Certification has given CreativeMktGroup the ability to offer both.

CreativeMktGroup has encountered multiple scenarios where they have brought attention to their clients that their business names, logos, products, and copywriting materials should be protected. The recommendations from CreativeMktGroup have allowed these businesses to protect their intellectual property from competitors and potential loss of business growth.


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