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Throughout the four-class program, the GLO Alliance program will feature 90-minute segment classes approximately once a month and focus on trade secrets and patents; trademarks and trade dress; copyrights; and advertising law/right of publicity issues. 


Trade secrets focuses on one of the most common forms of intellectual property for businesses.  Through the use of illuminating and interactive examples, this section will help you identify potential trade secrets and know when to consider taking protective measures.  We also discuss the laws governing trade secret misappropriation and what measures may be used to protect a company’s trade secrets.  We also compare and contrast this type of protection to other measures such as patents.


What is a Trademark? Is a trademark valuable? We will cover the importance of trademarks for every startup, small business, and entrepreneur, with a focus on the what, why, and how.  We will cover why trademarks add value to your business and why registration benefits you.  We’ll discuss how to obtain and maintain a trademark, and quirks in the trademark system.  We will also discuss what a small business can do before talking to their lawyer, when to call a lawyer, and how to be prepared ahead of time.


Creative works are everywhere – from an article on a business’ website to a big Hollywood movie production, and everything in between!  Copyright is a bundle of different rights that an author or owner has in a creative work.  In this session, we will examine what types of creative works can be protected, who an author is, the various rights available under copyright, how to protect copyrightable works, use of other’s copyrightable works, and copyright and the internet.


The Rights of Publicity and Advertising section in this course covers the definition and scope of publicity rights, and will touch on some important issues you cannot afford to ignore.  We will also cover how advertising is regulated, who regulates it, and how it ties into intellectual property concerns through, among other things, the concept of false advertising.

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